The Public Health Bill will place a duty on ministers to produce an obesity plan and is expected to be passed by AMs just over a year after an earlier version crashed out of the Senedd. Proposals to ban tongue piercing of under 16-year-olds have also been strengthened to cover all under-18s. It will also ban smoking in playgrounds and introduce licensing for tattooists. Last week AMs voted to include a Plaid Cymru proposal in the bill – supported by Labour, the Conservatives and UKIP – to place a duty on ministers to produce a national strategy on preventing and reducing obesity. The bill’s original proposed ban on banning smoking in school grounds, hospital grounds and public playgrounds has also been extended to the outdoor areas of registered childcare settings. Proposals on the prohibiting the “intimate piercing” of the tongue and genitalia of under-16 year olds have also been toughened up to cover all of those under the age of 18. Other measures in the law include creating a mandatory licensing scheme for acupuncture, body piercing, electrolysis and tattooing. Public health minister Rebecca Evans said if passed the bill “will create the conditions which enable people to live healthy lives and will protect them from preventable harm”. The older version of the bill, which failed to pass in the last assembly term because of a lack of opposition support, included a ban on the use of e-cigarette devices in some public places.

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