Ocean Health advocates regular prostrate, breast cancer screening

breast cancer
breast cancer

At a cancer awareness walk organized by the organization in collaboration with Me Cure Healthcare Limited in Lagos, the Managing Director, Ocean Health Limited, Dr. Charles Onwuzuluigbo, has urged Nigerians to undergo regular medical check-up to reduce their risks for prostate, breast and cervical cancer. The physician has stated that it was important to screen regularly for these three forms of cancer, as they are have been proved to be preventable and treatable when caught early, saying that, each one of us know of someone who has had cancer. Nigerians need to know that prostate, cervical and breast cancer can be prevented through early screening. For instance, a pap smear test can detect whether or not you have cervical cancer and that should not kill any woman because it is treatable.”
Also at the event, the Business Development Manager, Me Cure Healthcare Limited, Dr. Kunle Megbuwawon, has said that it is dangerous to wait for the symptoms of any ailment before consulting a doctor.
According to him, by the time one is seeing the symptoms of breast or prostate cancer, it may be too late. Megbuwawon has said that “Cancer manifests like the Iceberg Syndrome. You only see the tip of the problem while the real danger is buried. That is why no one should take any unusual symptom with a pinch of salt. In Nigeria, we are not used to preventive health care. We wait to get sick before we do check-ups. “You will be alarmed at the population of Nigerian men who have not done a PSA test used to diagnose or rule out prostate cancer.”

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