Oshiomhole sacks CMD, demotes Perm Sec

The recent protest by casual workers in Edo State Health Management Board, the government has put in place measures to address the issue. The government of Edo state has sacked the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the government-owned Central Hospital, Benin, Dr. Edith Kayode-Iyasere, while the Permanent Secretary of the Health Management Board, Dr. Ofure Eboreme, was demoted to the position of Director. The two were fingered to be the brain behind the large number of casual workers in the Health Management Board, Didi Adodo,  Commissioner for Special Duties and Labour, told the press in Edo state.

Governor Adams Oshiomhole was shocked to discover the presence of a large number of casual workers in the hospital, and to show his discontent about the issue, took the decision to sack the CMD and demote the permanent secretary, to serve as adeterrent to other officials of government. “It’s shocking that there are still casual workers in the state workforce. When the governor came in (2008), I was the commissioner for lands. I met casuals in my ministry. (As a labour leader) I was a member of the anti-casualisation committee of the NLC (Nigeria Labour

Congress). The governor (then NLC president) led us to picket companies that were keeping casuals. “So, when we met casuals here (Edo State) it was shocking. He said that they should all be regularised. Those who could not be regularized we know what we’ll do.

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