Over 800 cases of cancer diagnosed daily in England

Information just obtained from the Office of National Statistics of England shows that a total of 296,800 cancer cases were diagnosed in 2014 I England, an average of 813 per day. The commonest are Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Lung cancer and Colon cancer; accounting for about 53 percent of all the cancer cases. In terms of gender spread, males are slightly more affected.

Furthermore, the risk for all four can be reduced by change in life style and weight control; no smoking for lung cancer and good weight for breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. Besides, early detection makes a lot of difference.

The report also says that there has a been a steady increase in the incidence of breast cancer in women more so as they age;  in males, the incidence of prostate cancer has risen astronomically and is expected to take the number one slot in 2030.

The data were obtained by the Press Association from the Office for National Statistics

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