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Soccer legend, Edson Arantes do Nascimento  aka  Pele, has just under a successful surgery for a non-c ancerous growth of the prostate gland  on  Friday 8/5/15 in a Sao Paulo Hospital in Brazil. Six months earlier , he was hospitalisd also in Sao Paulo for about two weeks for the removal of kidney stones and also for treatment of bladder infection.

The urethra through which men and women pass out urine is wrapped around in men just below the urinary bladder by the prostate gland. The prostate starts to enlarge as from around the age of 50 years and puts pressure on the urethra ,narrowing its lumen, if the lumen becomes too narrow, passing of urine becomes painful, frequent and most times the bladder is not fully emptied; even ejaculation during sex can be painful.

When the bladder fails to empty completely, it begins to retain urine, this can lead to bladder infection (lower urinary tract infection) and a build up in the ureters can lead to kidney stones.  In a few cases, the prostate growth can be cancerous, otherwise, in most cases it is non-cancerous. What Pele has is a non- cancerous growth of the prostate gland.

The operation Pele has just had is a resection of the prostate; just the inner part of the gland is removed to relieve the pressure on the urethra, the erectile nerves are likely to be preserved. He is said to be doing well and expected to be discharged in a few days.

The prostate gland is located just below the bladder in man, women do not have prostate glands. Apart from the urethra, the vas deferens which carries sperm cells from the testis also passes through the prostate. The prostate gland secretes alkaline fluid which, together with sperm cells, constitute the semen ejaculated by men during sex. The alkaline nature of semen which is ensured by the prostate glands protects sperm cells from the acidity of the vagina; by the muscular contraction of the prostate muscles, semen during ejaculation spurts out of the urethra, going high up in the vagina, thus increasing the likelihood of fertilization. So the prostate gland has its usefulness.

Pele, (74), was born in October 1940, he is twice divorced with seven children. He started playing football at about the age of 15 years and till date remains the greatest football legend of all times.

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