Plague claims 94 lives in Madagascar

Plague claims 94 lives in Madagascar
The World Health Organization (WHO) says the outbreak of plague in Madagascar which began in August 2017 has claimed 94 lives. The disease is endemic in the country, about 1153 persons are suspected to have contracted the disease which is proving difficult to control
According to WHO official responsible for Africa emergencies, Ibrahima Fall, the form of the disease is Pneumonic Plague, its most deadly form and it is affecting the towns instead of the rural areas.
Globally, between 2010 and 2015, only 3248  cases of Plague were reported with 584 deaths, about about 120 each year; however, 94 deaths have been reported this year in Madagascar alone.
The WHO is tackling the scourge in partnership with the government of Madagascar with a 2000 strong health team who are tracing contacts;  distribution of antibiotics to about 100,000 persons who are at risk is also on.
The WHO has also delivered 150 sets of personal protective equipment.

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