While responding to inquiry on the alleged importation of plastic rice into the country, the National President of Polymer Institute of Nigeria (PIN),

Professor Paul Hamza, has advised Nigerians to “avoid eating anything that would endanger their lives, despite the excruciating hardship they are passing through now,  warning that the product is detrimental to human health.
The University don also warned that plastic rice is detrimental to human health when consumed, because of the chemicals used in its production. “Those producing or importing it into the country are enemies of mankind.” While affirming that he has heard about the importation of the killer rice into Nigeria, the university don also warned that consumption of plastic rice could cause cancer.Answering a question, Hamza gave the name of the injurious rice as “Beat Tomatoes Rice”, stressing that the product has no NAFDAC number. “The plastic rice is produced from potato powder and plastic materials, basically by blending and extruding this material through an extruder and pelletized in rice grain sizes. He has said that if it settles down, it means that it is the edible rice grain, but if it floats on top of the water, it means you have bought plastic rice and if you heat the grains in a pan, they melt and stick to the pan.” The university Don has called on members of the National Assembly to hasten the passage of the Bill for the establishment of the Chartered Polymer Institute of Nigeria, saying that if done, the body will then be empowered to join the National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and other regulatory agencies of government to curb the production and importation of such goods into Nigeria.

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