Poor facilities, rivalry, underfunding, bane of qualitative healthcare delivery – NMA

Poor facilities, rivalry, underfunding, bane of qualitative healthcare delivery – NMA
Speaking in Lagos while declar¬ing open the 2016 annual physi¬cians’ week, the factional chairman of the association, Dr. Omojowolo Olubunmi, disclosed that The Nigerian Medical Asso¬ciation (NMA), Lagos state branch, has blamed poor healthcare facilities, dwindling hu¬man resources capacity, and intra-professional rivalry, among other inequalities in healthcare access, for the lack of quality healthcare delivery in the country, noted that the goals of effective healthcare delivery are to prevent human disease,

promote behaviours that lead to good phys¬ical and mental health and ensure availability of high quality health services. He, however, regretted that such lofty objectives have been ex¬tremely difficult in Nigeria as a re-sult of series of challenges facing the health sector, and “The issue of inter and intra-professional rivalry and incessant industrial action in the health-sec¬tor must be looked into in a ho¬listic manner with proactive crisis resolution mechanism,” reiterating that ,  “we must strive for budget allocation to health to approach the 15 per¬cent recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), and “Government agencies also need to strengthen the framework to curb medical quackery which is a scourge.” He, however, stated that in a dwindling economy like Nigeria, these challenges are bound to be¬come more compounded, and as such a major concern due to pre-existing poor social and health in¬dices in the country. The branch chairman regretted that even when the Nigerian econ¬omy was upbeat, unfavourable in¬dices such as low life expectancy, high maternal and infant mortal¬ity, high under-five malnutrition, and low immunization rates were still all there, and he identified the re-emer¬gence of polio, Lassa fever epidem¬ic, and recent outbreak of cholera as pointers to the need to make more effort in the areas of public and preventive medicine.

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