A few days ago we discussed the causes of breast sagging; ranging from age, heredity, weight gain to number of pregnancies. While we cannot control the age factor and heredity, we can do a lot to prevent sagging. Some measures a woman can take are discussed below:
1. Limit number of pregnancies
Pregnancy increases the size of the breasts due to hormonal changes; this is usually followed by breast feeding which further increases the breast size due growth of milk ducts. The size never returns to its original size after each pregnancy and breast feeding. Consequently multiple pregnancy encourages breast sagging due to size and stretching.
Limit number of pregnancy to four and well spaced out, so there is enough time for exercising and recovery.
2. Wear supportive bra while breast feeding
Always wear a supportive bra while breast feeding, this helps to fight against gravity which naturally tends to pull down the breasts. Always in this context means even when in bed; the bra should have a band at the under-side. There are good nursing bras in the market
3. Massage your breasts with hot and cold water regularly
Endure to massage your breasts daily while taking your bath with warm and cold water. The warm water improves circulation of blood in the breasts while cold water improves toning and tightening of the breast skin..
4. Moisturize your breats regularly
Always apply moisturisers to your breasts, this improves the elasticity of the breast skin and also make the breasts supple.
5. Smoking
Smoking is a risk factor for sagging breasts. Nicotine is said to have free radicals which accelerate loss of collagen in our skin thus reducing the elasticity. It is this loss of skin elasticity that contributes to sagging breasts.  Do not smoke.
6. Always do your exercise with bra
Exercising without wearing appropriate bra can promote sagging; repeated ‘flapping’ or bouncing during exercise is not good for the breasts as it affects the skin elasticity. It is advisable to always wear the appropriate bra when engaged in any form of exercise from running, biking, workout or any other sport.
7. Lose weight gradually
Weight fluctuation encourages breast sagging, weight gain followed by rapid weight loss means loss of fat in the breasts and of course the elasticity of the skin; with loss of elasticity of the skin, the breasts sag. Women are advised to lose weight gradually.
8. Use correct bra size
Wearing fitting bra gives your breasts shape and discourages sagging. Change your bra when old and less supporting/fitting.
9. Maintain good posture
Do not lean downwards to breast feed your baby, raise the baby up with a pillow to your breast level; slouching increases the effect of gravity and drooping of your breasts.
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