. PZ Cussons, firm partner on hand washing campaign
As part of activities to mark the global hand washing campaign, Cussons has partnered Concern Universal to launch a hygiene campaign in Lagos to tackle hygiene-related diseases, such as diarrhea,

which causes death of one in five  children yearly,  Concern Universal is an international development and relief organisation. Its Country Director, Tim Kellow, said diarrhoea causes stunted growth, and death of children under six years could be prevented with proper hand washing, adding that the campaign seeks to sensitise children and adults on good hygiene, saying that “The biggest cause of diarrhea is not washing our hands correctly, which is with soap. So, this is why we have launched this campaign. We have done this for the past three years in rural areas of Benue and Cross Rivers states. We do this because we are concerned about the fact that about 150,000 children die every year in this country just through diarrhea. This drastically affects their health in their adult life and ability to learn in school. “This is the reason we have the phrase – ‘prevention is better than cure’. And this is the reason we want to launch a campaign that is going to help change the situation. So, this is why for three years in a row, Concern Universal has partnered the PZ Cussons Foundation to make a difference on this subject and we are very proud to be here,” Kellow said. He further said during the one-month campaign children  would be trained through fun activities to become hygiene heroes, who would further train their friends and families to inculcate the habit of hand washing. 

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