Rare technique saves woman with brain haemorrhage

A 43-year-old woman who fell unconscious after suffering a brain hemorrhage was successfully treated using a rare intervention technique at a hospital here, doctors said on Monday.

Meena Saini fell unconscious after getting a severe headache accompanied by vomiting. Her family members rushed her to a hospital and a brain CT scan revealed that she had a haemorrhage in the fluid space around the brain.

A magnetic resonance angiography revealed that one of the main blood vessels had become swollen and burst.

Saini was immediately referred to Medanta The Medicity here since there was the likelihood of another haemorrhage.

Lead surgeon Vipul Gupta found that a blood vessel in the brain had ballooned and was completely damaged.

“Saini was at high risk of repeat haemorrhage and immediate repair of the leaking blood vessel was needed to safe her life,” Gupta said.

During treatment, doctors placed a microcatheter — a very thin tube — in Saini’s brain and then the damaged blood vessel was occluded by using specialised coils.

Terming the procedure “coiling”, Gupta, who is the head of the neurointervention unit at the hospital, said: “This small incision process ensures minimal injury to normal brain leading to better outcomes.”

He said recent random trials conducted in Europe and North America showed that long-term clinical results were better with embolization than open surgery in aneurysm patients.

Once the surgery was performed, doctors checked the repair process by angiography after six weeks and observed that the healing process had repaired the blood vessel almost completely.

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