Regular exercise boosts sex life; according to several unrelated scientific studies, it has been confirmed that there is a connection between regular physical exercise and sex.

Physical activities also act a powerful aphrodisiac in women but only few enjoys the pain in exercise, Landa a traditional obstetrician confirmed.

Some results of exercise and how they can change sex life in women and men is listed below by Penhollow, a scientific researcher:

Physical exercise accelerates excitement and arousal in women, it also helps in increasing sexual endurance and enables them enjoy marathon sex without restriction and limitation according to some studies.

Physical exercise helps in the growth of hormone and testorone that are important to muscle mass and libido.

Physical exercise helps in the flow of blood and increases sexual desires in both men and women, It also makes the woman more sensitive to touch; it improves the sexual functions and better orgasm in men by increasing testosterone production in the body.

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