Researchers Working to Find Safest, Effective TB Vaccine

Researchers are now working on a strategy to introduce the safest and most effective Tuberculosis vaccines that reduce the disease worldwide through partnerships and creative mechanisms.

At the beginning of the 4th Global Forum on TB vaccines in Shanghai, China, the researchers underscored the need for urgent safe and effective TB vaccines.

David Lewinsohn, Chair, Stop TB Partnership Working Group on New Vaccines said the new TB vaccines will be a keystone of global efforts to eliminate TB. Lewinsohn said the recent End TB Strategy adopted by the World Health Assembly is predicated on the introduction of new, more effective technologies to prevent, diagnose and treat TB, including new TB vaccines.

“The overarching theme of the 4th Global Forum on New TB Vaccines is new and innovative approaches to prevent TB. We must work together to discover the breakthroughs, the true game-changers that will transform the field,” he said. He reiterated the need for collectively developing novel scientific approaches to TB vaccines to be able to find more efficient and cost effective ways to advance the field. “We must be able to mobilise resources to sustain the pipeline, to foster new partnerships and collaborations and to reach new audiences to build support for TB vaccine research and development,” he said.

He noted that such forums provides a unique opportunity for researchers to come together to learn about the latest research findings and engage in a global dialogue about the path forward for TB vaccine R&D. Two non-profit organizations at the forefront of some TB vaccines development, the US based Aeras and the Netherlands-based Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI) united in calling for a unified global approach to TB vaccine development.

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