Of late, it has become almost fashionable to swallow septrin, erythromycin, tetracycline, ampiclox, fragyl and other antibiotics whenever one gets a headache, abdominal pains and fever, among other conditions, without consulting the doctor. And although it is illegal to access drugs from a pharmacy without proper prescription from a physician, many ‘self-medicators’ somehow still get hold of these drugs, particularly antibiotics. Dr Osee Sebatunzi, the Director of Kibagabaga Hospital, however, warns that this kind self-medication is wrong because misuse of antibiotics is the major cause of crippling infections today. According to Sebatunzi, when some people experience symptoms such as minor cough and stomach pains, among others, they immediately rush to purchase antibiotics. “Most times, these symptoms are just signals and are not necessarily the infection, they are clues to the disease which has to be identified through proper medication examination,” Sebatunzi says.

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