Speaking ahead of a panel discussion organized to mark MamaYe Day in Abuja, Toyin Saraki, wife of the Senate President, who is also founder of Wellbeing Foundation Africa, has said that Nigeria stands to reap dividends in coming years, if it invests even 1% of its national revenue in primary health care, Saying that, “If at least 1% of consolidated revenue fund is devoted to restoring, revitalizing and building resilience in our primary health sector, it is an investment we will continue to reap the dividends from for years to come.”
Saraki, who chairs the National Assembly’s PHC revitalization support group (of more than 72 civil society and nongovernment organizations.

He added that Government and all its local and international development partners must “concentrate of improving care at the primary health care level. It is where you can actually invest in keeping people well.”
At least 1% of consolidated revenue is meant to be a statutory transfer into the Basic Primary Health Care Fund guaranteed by the National Health Act, but no allocations for it has gone into the budget in two years. Calculations show around N49 billion could have gone into the Fund, if the statutory 1% went into the 2017 budget.
Country director of E4A, Dr. Tunde Segun, has said that the clamor for a bigger 15% share of national budget for health does not negate demand of statutory transfer of 1% of national revenue into a health fund.

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