Cuban Health System, one of the best in the world—WHO

Though a poor country, Cuba has one of the best preventive health systems in the world
from which other countries can learn. The country has a population of about 11 million and a doctor population of 90,000; about 8 doctors to 100 persons. The US has 2.5 doctors per 1000 and the U.K. 2.7 per 1000.

Both then Cuba is a poor third world country yet its infant mortality rate is lower than that of the US and the life expectancy is the same. The secret according to the World Health Organization lies in their preventive health system.

Every Cuban family is bound to have annual health in the home; blood pressure is checked, the heart is examined and I believe a general physical examination is done. This is followed by the home inspection both inside and outside to eliminate any conditions that could cause ill health. This is done annually and is compulsory, those who are not well are followed up while those requiring treatment are treated. This has helped to eliminate infectious diseases, Cubans now live very long and die from rich diseases like diabetes, stroke, cancer etc.
Health care is free and compulsory in Cuba.

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