Scientists discover therapy to protect babies from Zika

Some team of U.S Scientists has said that they may have found a way to pro¬tect babies in the womb from the harmful effects of Zika, and So far the US team has only had success in mice with its antibody treatment, but it said that it might eventually lead to a therapy for women who catch Zika in preg¬nancy. The Zika virus can severely dam¬age a newborn’s brain, and the antibody therapy is made using blood cells from people who have recently had and fought off Zika, adding that In mice, the treatment signifi¬cantly reduced the amount of Zika virus that circulated in the mother’s blood and crossed the placenta into the baby. At birth, there was less damage to the placenta and these baby mice, the report said, were much bigger than others whose mothers had not received the antibody treatment. The researchers stress that years of testing will be needed to see if it could be a safe and effective treat¬ment for pregnant women. In the meantime, other scien¬tists are focusing on making a vac¬cine that could protect people from catching Zika in the first place, and Zika is spread to people by mos¬quito bites.

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