Scotland: Health Campaigners suggests Scots alcohol consumption be cut by 10%

Health campaigners have called on the Scottish government to take bold steps to tackle Scotland’s alcohol problem. A report by bodies, including Alcohol Focus Scotland and the BMA, examined the “devastating effect” alcohol has on drinkers, families and communities. It urged ministers to set a new target to cut the amount of alcohol Scots drink by at least 10% over a decade. Health Secretary Shona Robison welcomed the report and said the government would consider the recommendations.  Campaigners said the number of Scots dying from alcohol-related illness has doubled since the 1980s.  Their report warned that one million people in Scotland drink more than the recommended amount, with 22 per week dying as a result of their consumption.  The document has been described by those behind it as a “blueprint” for the Scottish government which will “improve the lives of millions of Scots, make our communities better and safer places to live, and reduce demand on our over-burdened public services”. It made more than 40 suggestions, including the “overarching recommendation” that the Scottish government should adopt a national target to reduce alcohol consumption by “at least 10% over the next 10 years”. The report said: “Such a target would provide a clear goal for all of those with an interest in preventing and reducing alcohol consumption and harm in Scotland, at both national and local levels, helping to ensure that efforts are focused and co-ordinated on delivering real impact.”Reducing drinking by this level could “potentially deliver a 20% reduction in deaths and hospital admissions after 20 years”, it added.

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