Seven Ways to Fulfill Your New Year Resolutions.

New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions

The beginning of a new year is about the best time to make resolutions; these are promises made to ourselves and occasionally to others. In most cases we do not keep them, not just because we do not want to but because old habits die hard. However, we must continue to make them and also struggle to keep them.

In our last publication we discussed the resolutions you must make this year, here are a few tips on how you can fulfill them.

1.Internal Motivation
Tell yourself that what you have decided to do is for your own good, to improve your own health. You are not out to please anyone but yourself. Off course the effect will rob on your family and friends but the main reason is for your own good. That is a very strong motivation.

2.Good Planning
It is easy to make a resolution but fulfillment is the problem. To ensure you go on your annual leave, start to save from the beginning of the year for that vacation otherwise you will have no money and so cannot go.
For your exercises, make sure you wake up on time in the morning to devote about 30 minutes to the exercise, otherwise you will go late to work and that will discourage you.
Good time management is key.   

3.Be Specific
Specify your resolutions; it is easy to say I will take more fruits and vegetables from now on. Specify the vegetables and fruits, how many times a week and the quantities.

4.Be Realistic
Do not make a resolution you will not be able to fulfill due to work or resources. Also, be realistic in the number of resolutions you make in a year. There are many health resolutions you can make in a year but you will realize that in our last publication we suggested only seven.

5.Be Determined
Fulfilling a resolution requires a lot of determination. If you have decided to stop smoking or alcohol intake both of which are highly addictive, you have to be very determined to succeed. A lot of people have failed in their bid to stop the bad habit but with determination you can succeed. Be determined.

6.Enabling Environment
Good environment will enable you fulfill your resolutions. Good environment is an environment that is devoid of any distraction and/or temptations. If your resolution is to stop smoking, then being in the company of smokers will not help you, if you want to stop or reduce alcohol intake, then going to bars/pub houses will not help you.
A TV in your bedroom may delay your sleep time unless you are disciplined enough to switch it off on time. 

7.Group Action
You are more likely to fulfill your resolution if it is a group resolution. If the resolution was made by you and your spouse or a close friend, then you are more likely to succeed. For example, you are more likely to exercise regularly if you and your spouse took it as a resolution with each of you acting as a motivating force.

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