Sex education is the process of teaching the young ones, teenagers and teens about sexuality, their body changes, relationship  and all what they need to know to prepare them for the future. Educating a child about sex is important and should start before the puberty stage. Sex education is always seen as a sensitive topic to be discussed with children and if care is not taken, it can mislead a child. It is surprising that children, teenagers and youth now know more than their parents. Despite this, parents should not assume that the children know it all, and should not shun or look over sex education. Some parents also shy away from talking about sex to their children, some even see it as an ungodly topic to be treated, and some think the child is so young to be taught about sex.
Parents, family members, schools, religious houses and the faithful members of the society are expected to have the responsibility of teaching the children about sexuality, although in a safe and secured way. Sex education should start from the family. Mothers have the greatest responsibility of teaching their children, both male and female, about sex education, because they hve the role of looking out for and taking care of and teaching the children.

Children need to know about their body changes, the causes for these changes and how to live a healthy life despite the changes. This education protects a child from all sorts of sex abuse, molestation from friends, older ones, family members, teachers and other members of the society. It also creates an awareness of diseases and infections, teaches them how to manage their sexual behaviours, emotions, how to put them under control and how to be safe in an unsafe environment. A young child should know his or her body parts; these body parts should be given names that will depict where he or she should never allow anyone to touch or play with.
Parents should also have a close relationship with their children. They should be their best friends, confidants and teachers. A child should be trained and tailored to always talk to his or her parent about anything and without fears. Misconceptions about sexual life should be cleared. Any signs or withdrawals from people should be taken note of. Children should be put under the care of trusted ones, watched against the opposite sex. All these should be taken into consideration.
As the children are growing up to become teenagers and youths, the sex education should be more audible and pronounced. Nothing should be left unsaid for them. The female children should be told how to become pregnant, dangers associated with unprotected sex and the risks of having an abortion. The male children should know of the consequences that are attached to unsafe sex and impregnating a child/girl/woman. They should know about rape, how they can be lured and how to be safe from being raped. The male children should be aware of the punishments of been a rapist. The friends they keep should be kept under check, teachers or private tutors should be well screened so as to prevent the children from sexual child abuse. Pamphlets, hand bills and protections such as condoms should be publicly distributed. A child that falls victim of sexual abuse should not be abandoned, parents should not be too busy to have time for their children. Time should be set apart in homes where the children can ask questions. Nothing should be seen as ungodly or too heavy to be taught about sex.  

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