Short-term courses for Indian healthcare professionals

Expanding the skills of healthcare professionals in India, the Global Health Alliance (GHA), with support from the University of Leeds launched a new range of short term courses here on Friday.

Launching the courses, Director GHA, Rajay Narain said the short accredited courses and programs are targeted at a wide range of people who work in healthcare, including doctors, paramedics, cardiac physiologists, cardiac care unit nurses and allied health professionals. “These courses have been designed specifically to up-skill healthcare professionals in India with the techniques that are now being practiced in the UK,” he said.

Global Health Alliance (GHA) is a team of healthcare professionals from leading universities of UK such as University of Leeds, John Moores University, Liverpool, University of Cambridge (Addenbrooke’s Hospital). “The GHA plans to launch 22 courses, each of two to three days duration. Healthcare professionals will be trained in basic and advance life support, acute medical and cardiological emergencies, advanced nursing skills, trauma management and other day to day care needs,” he said.

Member of Parliament from Bihar, Ashwini Kumar Choubey, who was also present at the launch, said: “This is a beginning of a new era in the field of health care and skill development in India. Such programmes would certainly help the health sector in country.” Rhona Riley, Lecturer in the Cardiac Physiology in the School of Healthcare at the University of Leeds, will deliver the courses with other partners.

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