A new study, conducted in 54 countries around the world, declares that 3.8 per cent of all deaths are due to the fact that society spends more than three hours a day sitting down.
According to several studies published in 2012 by the journal The Lancet, each year people go into September with a number of resolutions. Exercising and not spending so much time on the couch tend to be some of these good intentions. 31 per cent of the worldwide population does not meet the current recommendations for physical activity. In addition, a lack of exercise is associated with major non-communicable diseases and with deaths of any cause -inactivity is the culprit behind six per cent to nine per cent of total worldwide deaths. Today’s lifestyle has an impact on these numbers. In fact, various studies over the last decade have demonstrated how the excessive amount of time we spend sitting down may increase the risk of death, regardless of whether or not we exercise. A new study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and in which San Jorge University in Zaragoza (Spain) participated, now estimates the proportion of deaths attributable to that ‘chair effect’ in the population of 54 countries, using data from 2002 to 2011, also revealed that it is important to minimize sedentary behavior in order to prevent premature deaths around the world.

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