Six (6) Health Gains of Eating Water Melon

Watermelon is a flowering plant with origins in the Southern part of Africa. However, it is now grown in virtually all the corners of the world from rest of Africa to Asia, Europe and the Americans. China is said to be the biggest producer of watermelon.
The fruit also called water melon is what interests us today, it is a berry with an outer thick skin and fleshy inside. It is eaten uncooked most of the time but in some cultures, it is cooked in a variety of ways.

Water melon is made up Sugar (6%), water (91%) and nutrients such as potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Vitamin C, and Fibre.
Below are some of the health gains of eating water melon regularly.
1. Helps to regulate Your blood pressure
Water melon contains a lot of the mineral called Potassium which is known to help the heart and reduces blood pressure. Low potassium can cause Constipation, lack of appetite and poor working of the heart. Potassium appears to relax the blood vessels.
Water melon also contains another mineral, called magnesium. This mineral helps to regulate your blood pressure by various means. A lot of studies have shown the good relationship between blood pressure and magnesium intake. When magnesium is low in the body, the heart fails to work well, the person can have convulsions.
2. Helps to keep Your heart and blood vessels healthy
Water melon with red flesh contains a lot of lycopene, a carotenoid. It is known to have anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties and also helps the heart. Lycopene together with potassium could lower blood cholesterol and so reduces hardening of blood vessels.
3. Improves male potency
Water melon contains certain substances called amino acids which are actually the smallest forms of protein. Some of these amino acids are used by the body to produce arginine which is helpful in widening blood vessels in the body and therefore increases blood flow. Because of this, arginine helps to increase penile erection.
Water melon therefore helps to reduce impotence.
4. Ensures Healthy Gum
Water melon has a lot of Vitamin C. This vitamin helps in the absorption of iron which is necessary for you to manufacture blood. It is also important in the formation of several other agents. When Vitamin C is low in the body, you could bleed from the gums and other parts of the body and feel a lot of pain also in the gum.
5. Prevents Constipation
Water melon contains fibre which is known to ease constipation and also reduces the risk of colon cancer. Fibre also helps to reduce blood pressure but cannot be used on its own to control blood pressure.
6. Relieves Thirst
Water melon is made up of 91% water, thus it can be used to relieve thirst. The human body is made up of about 50-70% water, thus while you can live for about 8 weeks without food, you can only live a few days without water. It is needed for every action in the body.
Water melon has plenty of water.

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