Smartphone device tests male fertility with 98% accuracy

A new smartphone-based device that can measure semen quality and determine men’s level of fertility with 98% accuracy has been developed by scientists, says a new study. The sperm analyser consisting of an optical attachment that can connect to a smartphone and a disposable device onto which a semen sample can be loaded is being built by researchers, including those from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in the US. While the new technology is still a few years away, scientists believe that the development is an advance that may prove to be a boon in countries lacking access to fertility tests as well as making the testing easier and cheaper for men.  The new test utilises the advancements in consumer electronics and microfabrication. A disposable microchip with a capillary tip and a rubber bulb is used for simple, power-free semen sample handling. Scientists also designed a user-friendly smartphone application that guides the user through each step of testing, and a miniaturised weight scale that wirelessly connects to smartphones to measure total sperm count.

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