The easiest way to possibly reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease is soaking rice overnight. As per a recent study conducted by researchers from the Queens University Belfast in England, the chemical from the industrial toxins and pesticides in the soil contaminate the rice that is endangering the health of millions of people, reports The Telegraph.  The findings revealed that by soaking rice overnight the level of toxin – arsenic – was reduced by 80 percent. For the research, Andy Meharg from the University tested three different ways of cooking rice. In the first, he used a ratio of two parts of water to one part of rice, where the water was “steamed out” during cooking. In the second, with five parts of water to one part of rice, with the excess water washed off, levels of arsenic were almost halved. And in the third method, where the rice was soaked overnight, levels of the toxin were reduced by 80 percent. But experiments suggest that the way rice is cooked is key to reducing exposure to the toxic and naturally occurring chemical.

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