Somalia: Cholera Kills 25000 Somalis in 3 Months, Health Minister Says

At least 25000 people have died from cholera within a period of three months, Health and Social Care.Minister Fowsia Abiikar Nur announced today. Adressing journalists in Mogadishu Minister Nur said tge most hit regions are Gedo Bay and Bakool. Nur put the number of child deaths due to Cholera at 3000. “We currently have 25000 cholera patients admitted in hospitals in those regions” Nur told journalists. Medical sources have reported that hospital capacity in this region and especially in Baidoa have been overstretched. The Health Minister has however said conditions in all facilities will be improved. The cholera has coincided the drought that is said to be one of the worst in recent years. Most of the mortalities followed consumption of untreated water due to scarcity.

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