Soyabeans good for the bones of menopausal women

Health benefits of Soya beans
A study whose report was unveiled at the 2015 Society of Endocrinology conference in Edinburg, Scotland shows that soya beans reduce bone loss in menopausal women due to low level of oestrogen hormone.
Bone loss reduces the density of bones making them fragile; increasing the risk of fracture.
In the study conducted in the University of Hull, England, 200 menopausal women participated in the study; they were given either plain soya bean or soya bean fortified with isoflavones for a period of six months. It was found that those who took soya bean fortified with isoflavones had less bone loss than those who took plain soya bean.
The usefulness of soya bean in the prevention of bone damage is due to the presence of isoflavone in it; isoflavone has the same properties as natural oestrogen, the female sex hormone.

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