Sudan: Doctors at 65 Sudanese Hospitals Now On Strike
Medical doctors working at government hospitals in Sudan continue their strike despite attempts by the authorities to break their protest action.

Colleagues in other hospitals joined them on Friday. Of 65 state hospitals in the country now only the emergency sections are manned. Doctors downed tools in various state hospitals in the country during the past months, in protest against repeated attacks by relatives of patients as well as armed robberies. However on Thursday morning, the doctors of 46 hospitals, including 21 in Khartoum state, renewed their strike. The doctors also demand better salaries and working conditions. They raised banners at the hospital walls saying “We are striking for you, people of Sudan, so that you will be treated while lying in bed instead on the ground”, and “We need oxygen in the hospital”.
The Central Committee of Doctors announced in a report on Friday that medics of 19 more state hospitals, including the Port Sudan Hospital and the hospital of En Nahud in West Kordofan, joined the strike. The Committee stressed that the strike will only be lifted after the provision of basic equipment to the hospitals and guaranteed protection of the medical staff.
Abdellateef Ashmeig, chairman of the State Doctors Union, said in a press conference in Khartoum on Friday that most of the government hospitals suffer from “administrative imbalances”. He further stated that “recently 16 attacks on medical personnel have been recorded. Members of the army, security, or the police were responsible for most of the assaults.

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