Sudan: Major Fish Project to Be Completed in January

A fish project described as the biggest of its kind in Sudan, will be inaugurated coming January at Soundos agricultural scheme to produce 2000 tons per year on an area of 70 feddans (acres).

The project will be implemented by Khartoum State’s Corporation for Development of Industries and Small-Scale Businesses.

The corporation manager Dr. Abdul Samie Hayder said in statement to Sudan News Agency that Soundos, located in the southern outskirts of Khartoum State, was chosen for the fish project because of its abundant water resources and fertile lands which were not efficiently exploited yet.

If the programme developed as scheduled, there will be enough fish for exporting by the end of 2015, he added.

Sudan fish resources are estimated at 140,000 tons per year but only 30,000 tons are exploited and mostly by the traditional ways.

This wealth is provided by the River Nile and its tributaries, Red Sea and small streams.

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