The health ministry of Sinnar state and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) organized the program for the support of nutrition issues in Um Shouka area in sinnja locality. The minister of health of Sinnar state, Mohamed Abdul Gadir al-Ma’amoun indicated that the program targets the increase of health awareness of the community member towards nutrition, decreasing of the malnutrition cases and the child’s death. He noted that the program aims at strengthening partnerships with the community and the organizations, lauding the support ad interventions of the UNICEF to the program. The commissioner of Sinnja locality, Abu al-Gasim Hassan, stressed his locality provision to all capabilities to the program, meanwhile, the representative of the UNICEF, has asserted keenness to implement the program, adding that the program will continue, with celebration of support in all the state’s localities. The director of the general administration of the basic health care, explained that the program of the nutrition issues includes the training of mothers on the enfant feeding, the communal treatment to malnutrition, noting that the supporting program includes all the community segments. The director of the nutrition administration, Manal Dawena, said that the main messages of the program concern the absolute natural breast feeding the children till the age of 2 years, the complementary feeding, the use of iodine salt.

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