Surgery conducted to remove blood clots from lungs

A 27-year-old youth was given a new lease of life by the surgeons of Kovai Medical Center and Hospital (KMCH) here by successfully removing life threatening blood clots from the lungs.

KMCH Chairman Dr Nalla G Palanisamy told reporters here today that the youth, hailing from Kalveerampalayam in the city, could barely walk across the room and with shortness of breath, as he couldn’t effectively oxygenerate his blood and he faced the risk of heart failure, he said. The youth was diagnosed with rare life threatening blood clots blocking pulmonary arteries.

Dr Prashant Vaijyanath, Director of Cardiac Surgery, KMCH, said that he took up the peculiar case as a challenge and successfully performed PTE surgery, reportedly for the first time, with Delta Stream–SMART Cannula ECMO support for 48 hours. The man was successfully weaned from extra corporeal membrane oxygen and as well as ventilator support and now the youth was doing very well, Prashant said. In the complex eight-hour open procedure, surgeons stopped the patient’s heart, hooked him up to a heart-lung bypass pump, and cooled him to 25 degree celsius, in order to reduce his body’s need for oxygen.

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