India’s Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has been discharged from hospital where she underwent a kidney transplant.  Ms Swaraj tweeted late on Monday that she was back home and “seeing necessary official papers”.

But she was not allowed to receive visitors, she said. The 64-year-old minister has a history of chronic diabetes and was admitted to a Delhi hospital last month. Ms Swaraj is one the most high-profile ministers in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet. The hospital in Delhi said in a statement that Ms Swaraj underwent a kidney transplant operation on 10 December and “has shown steady recovery”. Many Indians had offered to donate their kidneys to Ms Swaraj after she tweeted she was undergoing tests for a transplant. The minister is known for reacting quickly to calls for help from Indians living or travelling abroad. Last month, she helped a Pakistani bride get a visa to attend her wedding in India.

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