Though the cause of cancer is multi-factorial, a recent study report presented at the 2015 European Society for Paediatric endocrinology conference shows that tall people are more at risk of cancer especially breast and skin cancers.

The study was carried in the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and involved the tracking of about five million adults for a period of fifty years. This is not the first study with this result but since several factors are responsible for cancer, tall people need not worry.


According to the report, tall women are at greater risk of breast cancer by about 20 percent while tall men and women are greater risk of skin cancer by 30 percent.


This is not to say that at the individual level, the risk for cancer could be predicted by height only as several risk factors for cancer are usually at play according to the team leader, Dr. Emelie Benyi.


The study did not take into consideration the lifestyle of the adults tracked.

Tall people have more cells (not bigger cells) in their body, so the probability of mutation is higher; that is pure common sense.  


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