The government is expected to acquire new 34 digital X-ray machines which would be installed in regional hospitals across the country by June this year. The Deputy Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Dr Faustine Ndugulile revealed this in parliament on Wednesday April 4th. He was responding to a question raised by special seats MP, Dr Jasmine Bunga, who asked why regional hospitals such as that of Morogoro were still grappling with the lack of the diagnostic imaging machines. In response, Dr Ndugulile said the government had entered a contract with an electronics company, Philips, signed in 2012/16 financial year to replace all faulty X-ray machines. “The first phase of implementation for this plan is expected in June 2018,” said Dr Ndugulile. MPs raised additional questions on the matter, appealing to the government to go the extra mile to invest in superior diagnostic machines such as CT-scans and MRIs, in regional hospitals in order to reduce congestion in referral hospitals in the country. Dr Ndugulile said efforts were ongoing to put up trauma care centres along major highways where road accidents mostly occur, and they would be equipped with CT scans and MRIs as part of the wider efforts to bridge the shortage of the diagnostics in lower level health facilities.

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