Tanzania: Activists, Experts Call for Tobacco Total Ban

HEALTH experts and anti-tobacco activists have received the Tobacco Products Regulations recently published in the government gazette with a frown, demanding for a total ban.

Speaking exclusively to the ‘Daily News on Saturday‘ , Family Health Consultant, Dr Ali Mzige said that the coming into force of the regulations means that the sale and use of tobacco will remain lawful despite the many problems that surround it.

“While this coming into force may be considered a victory for those who have been pushing for it for over 10 years, people need to know that 30 per cent of all cancers globally originate from tobacco products including snuff, chewing tobacco, kuberi and shisha.

These are very toxic and sometimes other ingredients are put in, which are lethal to our lungs and brain,” he said.Dr Mzige said that after reading through the regulations and felt that some of the clauses are not clear enough like that of having larger health warning imprints on the packs including Tar and Nicotine without saying the increase should form what percentage to the other.

He said that the regulations have also failed to instruct tobacco manufacturers to state in both English and Kiswahili these warnings such that everyone in society is able to get informed on the health implications of using these products.

“In Kenya, the warnings on cigarette packs clearly state that the use of these products can result into erectile dysfunctions, recurrent miscarriages and health complications from passive smoking.

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