Health problems affecting expectant mothers and newly born babies, as well as young children, may just have got the ultimate remedy after Maternity Africa inked an agreement to build a special hospital for that purpose in Kisongo area, along Dodoma road, here.

“The proposed health centre for Arusha targets to cut down or totally eradicate mother and child deaths in northern Tanzania once the project gets on stream in three years’ time,” stated Dr Andrew Browning.

The agreement for the construction of the health centre was signed between Maternity Africa and the Arusha Development Foundation (ADFA). According to the pact, the centre, which was vehemently fronted by the local area’s member of Parliament, Mr Godbless Lema, is to cost 3.2m US dollars (nearly 6.0bn/-). Dr Andrew Browning, who is an Australian-trained obstetrician and gynaecologist, said the planned infrastructure will also include a special medical training facility focusing on reproductive health.

The plot on which the giant health centre will be built was donated by a former Arushabased advocate and real estate developer, the late Nyagga Mawalla, who died at a Nairobi hospital in March 2013. Speaking about the project, MP Lema said Arusha experiences major problems related to mother-and-child health and that his dream of establishing a hospital in the locality had nothing to do with pending campaigns for the forthcoming general elections.

Mr Lema refuted allegations that he had taken for himself the four- hectare plot which was donated to ADFA and gave it to his wife. “Today I am proving to naysayers that the land is still intact and will be used for the planned purpose of establishing a hospital,” he stated. World Health Organization (WHO) records indicate that maternity-related deaths in Tanzania are staggeringly high, where 410 out of every 100,000 expectant mothers die annually while delivering, translating into 21 deaths per day countrywide.

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