Tanzania Govt to import Tetanus vaccine to curb shortage.

Tanzania Govt to import Tetanus vaccine to curb shortage.
The Tanzania Government has said that, it would soon import a consignment of tetanus toxoid vaccine to address a countrywide shortage, following reports of the critical shortage of vaccine in the past across the country’s 30 regions.

The Kigoma Regional Medical Officer Paul Chaote, has told citizen that the current stock would last only two months, normally, there should be enough vaccines for at least three months, but what we currently have in stock will last only two months.
Dr Dafrosa Lyimo, the Immunization and Vaccines Development Programme (IVDP) manager in the Ministry of Health has said that it usually takes some time to import the vaccines, but they have already negotiated with the Medical Stores Department (MSD) and have been assured that they will receive the consignment in the coming months.
A report by the Ministry of Health, Community development, Gender, Children and the Elderly, revealed that the country needs Sh120 billion to maintain adequate stocks of TT vaccines annually. The government contributes Sh16 billion, while donors contribute the rest.
According to Dr Lyimo, the vaccine is also crucial in reducing maternal mortality. Health experts said all expectant mothers and their newborn babies need to be protected against tetanus.

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