Couples have been urged to involve one another when making decisions with regard to family planning. The advice was given by the coordinator of Jitegemee Foundation, an NGO advocating for reproductive health Ms Christine Mapina. “I wonder why our men in the Lake Zone consider discussing sexual related matters as unethical,” she wondered. The seminar aimed at educating local communities on family planning methods, attracted participants from across the Lake Zone. A recent report by the Ministry of Health revealed that, only seven per cent of men sought information on family planning methods. Ms Violet Mudi, a nurse at Nyamagana District Hospital, said about 10 women each month enquired about family planning methods in the absence of their husbands. “Some residents think family planning promotes prostitution, a notion that is wrong and misleading,” she said. Although the government has taken initiative efforts to prohibit abortion as a method of family planning in Tanzania, there is no machinery to investigate, control and prosecute the offenders.


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