According to the data issued by the Unit of Research, Training and Consultancy at Jakaya Kikwetw Cardiac Institute (JKCI), Tanzania is ranked second after Uganda in the list of African countries that have so far achieved remarkable success in efforts to curb deaths associated with heart diseases, data shows. Tanzania, through the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute (JKCI), has managed to perform at least 413 rare open heart surgeries since it was established in 2015. Of these patients, 20 (5 per cent) died after surgeries. Tanzania is among African countries that have successfully performed rare heart surgeries. JKCI has attended about 33,500 patients with cardiovascular complications between January and August, 2016. Speaking to The Citizen, yesterday, JKCI director of cardiology services, Dr Peter Kisenge, noted that the number of death associated with heart complications has significantly dropped “We have been working hard to save people’s lives with heart complications in Tanzania and neighboring countries, adding, the government allocates us sufficient funds to promote health service delivery in the country. It sends specialists abroad for training.” The specialist mentioned the common rare heart complications that contribute to a number of deaths at the institute as coronary artery diseases (CAD). He urged people must be aware of heart diseases. He said JKCI was well equipped with modern equipment including implantable devices for heart failure treatment and catheterization laboratory (cath lab) that guarantees diagnostic services to patients.

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