While alcohol may have some benefits when taken in moderation, the risk of alcohol abuse are numerous. Virtually every organ of the body can be affected by alcohol abuse with many deaths resulting from accidents, breathing failure and breathing in vomit.

Alcoholism causes a lot of embarrassment to the immediate family due to violent behaviour which follows alcohol abuse and loss of consciousness in most embarrassing locations.
The health tips of today are meant to draw attention to the avoidable health problems of alcohol abuse.

1. Accidents/Violence
Alcohol abuse contributes to violent behavior and traffic accidents. Violent behaviours can lead to unnecessary fights which can lead to maiming or death. Consequently, persons who are drunk are not allowed to drive because alcohol impairs brain function. It causes loss of nerve sensation and nervous system control of muscles.
Rising levels of alcohol in the blood impairs vision, balance and judgement.

2. Serious Liver Disease
Alcohol when consumed in large volume and for long damages the liver directly and indirectly by encouraging the release of certain chemical agents which cause damage to the liver. The liver becomes chronically diseased; cirrhosis of the liver as the disease is called occurs after about ten years of heavy consumption of alcohol. It could lead to liver cancer and liver failure.

3. Cancer
Alcohol abuse is associated with cancer of the liver, throat, mouth, stomach, intestines and breasts. This could be due to direct damage and also loss of some minerals and vitamins which are protective to the body. Alcohol damages the inside of the stomach which can lead to ulcer and maybe cancer.

4. High Blood Pressure/Stroke/Heart Disease
Alcohol damages the heart muscle which can lead to heart failure. It also raises blood pressure, disorganises heart beat and can cause stroke.

5. Obesity
Alcohol encourages fat accumulation of fat in the abdomen. There are so many men who appear pregnant, most times it is due to fat deposit in the abdominal region. This type of fat deposit is associated with diabetes and high blood cholesterol.

6. Reduction of body resistance
Our bodies normally resist infections, we only fall sick if this resistance is defeated. Alcohol abuse reduces our ability to fight against disease. Consequently alcoholics are prone to infections because of low resistance.

7. Impotence
One of the causes of impotence is alcohol. When taken in small quantity, it gives the drinker a feeling of happiness and increases sexual desire and maybe performance but after some quantities, alcohol becomes a depressant. The drinker may have the desire but may not be able to perform. Alcohol dulls performance. This failure if not properly managed can lead to impotence.
According to Shakespeare in Macbeth, “it (alcohol) provides the desire but takes away the performance”.

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