Three people have so far died of Swine flu in Hyderabad in the early hours of Wednesday. First two death were reported in the city’s Gandhi Hospital while the third one died while shifting to another hospital.

The victims include a 25-year-old mother and two men ageing 42 and 44 respectively.

Eight other people are being treated for swine flu at the Hyderabad hospital at present. About 10 cases of swine flu have been reported in the last 10 days and around 53 cases have been already reported this year.

Distribution of Oseltamivir, the antiviral medication which is used for treating swine flu cases has been marked in the nearby localities of the three deceased people.

Over 3,900 people have died of the deadly virus since 2009 across Indian states including 157 in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Authorities have said that the virus could have mutated and patients may not respond to anti-viral treatment as before.

Doctors said that low temperature has played a pivotal role for the sudden rise in cases of swine flu. People should be more cautions and they should have proper balanced diet, enough sleep, lots of fluid and fruits.


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