A new study has found that post-menopausal women who suffer from gum disease and tooth loss may increase the risk of death. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the gum and connective tissue surrounding the teeth which leads to loss of one’s teeth, known as edentulism. According to study, the women with a history of periodontal disease had with a 12 per cent higher risk of death from any cause. For the findings, the team analysed 57,001 women, 55 years and older. Loss of all natural teeth was associated with a 17 per cent higher risk of death from any cause in postmenopausal women. Michael J. LaMonte, associate professor at the University at Buffalo, US said, “Our findings suggest that older women may be at higher risk for death because of their periodontal condition and may benefit from more intensive oral screening measures”. LaMonte added, “Besides their negative impact on oral function and dietary habits, these conditions are also thought to be related to chronic diseases of ageing”.

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