Trump sued for defamation by former Apprentice Summer Zervos

A former Apprentice contestant who accuses US President-elect Donald Trump of sexual assault has filed a defamation lawsuit against him. Summer Zervos, who alleges Mr Trump forced himself on her in 2007,

said he lied to the nation about his behaviour. The lawsuit, which Ms Zervos announced at a news conference, alleges Mr Trump is a “liar and misogynist” who “debased and denigrated” her.The news came just three days before Mr Trump is sworn in as president. Mr Trump faced a spate of sexual misconduct allegations in the run up to the election, all of which he has denied. At the time, he dismissed them as “false and ridiculous” and said they were “sick” and driven by fame, money or politics. “Since Mr Trump has not issued a retraction, as I requested, he has therefore left me with no alternative but to sue him in order to vindicate my reputation,” Ms Zervos told journalists in Los Angeles on Tuesday. She was joined by her lawyer, Gloria Allred, a Democratic party activist, who said the plaintiff’s allegations had passed a lie detector test.
9. Jallikattu: Thousands protest at India over bullfighting ban
Thousands of people in India’s southern Tamil Nadu state are protesting against a ban on bullfighting. At least 4,000 people have been camping at Marina beach in the state’s capital, Chennai (Madras), since Tuesday night. Traditional bull-taming contests, known as Jallikattu, have been popular for centuries in the state. Protesters say they represent its identity.  But the Supreme Court banned it in 2014 after objections from animal rights groups. It upheld the ban in 2016. BBC Tamil reports that similar protests are being organised on Wednesday in other parts of the state. Calls have been made on social media asking people to join the protests.

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