Dubai: Doctors in UAE have introduced a new oral treatment focusing on kidney to manage the commonly undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes at a time millions in the Gulf are living with the metabolic disorder.

The introduction of the new breakthrough treatment, which has been approved in Europe and USA, might change the way doctors treat patients in coming years.

The treatment comes at a time when nearly 18 million in addition to the 37 million people living with diabetes in the the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) are said to be undiagnosed and therefore are at considerable risk of diabetic complications.

“Medical science can be said to have achieved a breakthrough in the management of Type 2 diabetes with kidney as the focal point.

We are delighted to announce that the new treatment is now available in the UAE,” President of the Emirates Diabetes Society (EDS) & Chairman of the Gulf Group for Study of Diabetes, Abdulrazzaq Al Madani said.

The figure of undiagnosed cases of diabetes, he said, in the MENA Region is alarming and needs to be addressed at micro and macro levels.

“The introduction of new oral treatment for managing Type 2 diabetes might change the way we treat patients in coming years. It spells good news for the advancement of healthcare globally and the UAE,” said Al Madani.

The figures were published in the 6th edition of the IDF Diabetes Atlas published by International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

The treatment is a relief for millions in the Gulf living with Type 2 diabetes due to a variety of factors.

“AstraZeneca is introducing a Robust Portfolio that includes three new classes in the NIAD (Non Insulin Anti- diabetic Market: DPP4, GLP-1& SGLT2) bringing innovation and scientific leadership that will benefit millions of diabetic patients across the globe, especially in the Gulf,” President, AstraZeneca Gulf, Samer Al Hallaq said.

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