Uganda: Campaign to Fight Teenage Smoking

Good Business have partnered with Scanad Uganda to bring to life a teen-led exciting movement called Fly, aimed at building confidence and resilience amongst teens so they can resist abuse of drugs, alcohol and smoking. Speaking at the launch held at Riders Lounge in Kololo last week, Dr Sheila Ndyanabangi the ministry of health focal person on tobacco control said: “Youth will always experiment with drugs unless you provide them with an alternative. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” Every teenager has something of keen interest. It could be football, music, fashion, cars, farming, chess or robotics. Over the next months Fly will be doing tours across the regions asking, “What’s your thing?” and celebrating teens who are making positive choices in their lives and providing platforms for them to showcase their skills and capabilities. Good Business is a consultancy specialising in creating initiatives to promote positive social change. Fly will join the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-supported Good Business’ other programmes such as SKY in Botswana and a soon-to-launch brand in Ghana. Each is designed to build an empowered, resourceful and tobacco-free generation. Mun G, Winnie Nwagi, MC Talha and McKenzie are some of the movement’s brand ambassadors.

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