Without coartem, an effective malaria-treating drug, in Kasana health centre IV, the main government medical facility in Luweero, residents are really worried. The Observer has learnt that the last consignment of drugs from the National Medical Stores [NMS] to Luweero lacked coartem. Dr Agaba Byamukama, the officer in charge of Kasana health centre IV confirmed to The Observer on January 8, that the NMS delivery on December 15, 2014 lacked coartem.

He said the consignment “… only contained other drugs including Septrin, Panadol, Amoxyl and Artesunate which treat other ailments other than malaria. We are somehow overwhelmed as we receive 40 per cent malaria patients on a daily basis, all needing coartem, because it’s the most effective drug in treating the disease and it’s costly out there.” “At the time of the delivery, we questioned officials from the NMS over the matter and they told us that coartem had not been secured from their suppliers, that is why we are unable to have it stocked this time around,” he added.

He said the limited stock they had at the time of delivery would run out in just a week. Dr Joseph Okware, the Luweero district director of health services [DDHS], also conceded that the last NMS delivery lacked coartem, which he said is crucial in treating malaria. He said, however, that they were in touch with the ministry of Health. Some of the patients The Observer talked to on January 8 in the

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