A pregnant woman on Saturday became one of the victims of the struggling health services in the country when her husband put her in the boot of a car before transporting her to Adjumani Hospital to deliver. The man only identified as Abata said he hired the vehicle, a Toyota G-Touring to transport his expectant wife, Jamila Faidah to the hospital, after failing to get an ambulance. According to the eye witnesses, Faidah initially sat with her husband in the passenger’s seat but felt uncomfortable and was then taken to the boot. It is about 50 kilometres from Moyo to Adjumani. One has to travel to the White Nile by road and then get onto a ferry to cross to Moyo District. Adjumani health centres are in most cases full with refugees rendering it difficult to access services in time. Residents say many mothers who cannot access the facility have delivered on the road sides. Amba SK Joseph the LCI of Eraji village in Adjumani during an interview with Daily Monitor last week pointed to the lack of equipment in the health centres as the main causes of death of pregnant mothers. “We don’t have enough equipment in the health facilities, so the pregnant mothers either resort to local delivery methods or they end up giving birth on the way. Some have actually died due to lack of help,” he said.

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