Three National medical Laboratories from Uganda have scooped the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) awards for excelling in medical Laboratory service on the African continent. Addressing the press conference in Kampala Uganda’s state minister for Health in charge of primary Health care Sarah Opendi said Uganda laboratories were recognized for their good performance with two receiving awards for best practices on the African continent, while one received a certificate of international accreditation.

She said “laboratory services are the gateway to quality health care, due to their crucial role in confirming patient diagnosis, guiding treatment, facilitating disease surveillance and identification of diseases outbreaks, therefore i applaud those laboratories for the great work done.” ASLM is a pan African professional body whose objectives are to promote the strengthening of laboratory services on the African continent.

The three National laboratories that worn the prestigious award are the Central Public Health Laboratories (CPHL) , The Uganda Virus Research institute(UVRI), and the National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory (NTRL).which got certificate of International Accreditation.

The Laboratory awards which Uganda scooped the top awards were announced during the second Scientific Conference of the African Society for Laboratory Medicine which was held in cape Town ,South Africa. Other countries that scooped the awards include Kenya Tanzania Nigeria and South Africa.

CPHL received the best practice in Laboratory medicine in respect of their innovative sample transport system, CPHL in2011 rolled out a sample transport network in order to increase access to quality laboratory services across the country. Under this system the hub based sample Transport Network was designed by creating local networks based at hospital with adequate laboratory capacity at the sub district level, the hub is given a motorbike and bike rider v who through schedule visits out all site and collect all types of samples and deliver them to the hub where they can be worked on what cannot worked on are then referred to more specialized laboratories.

According to the Minister the transport model has enabled the improvement in Executing medical laboratory services in the country. “Central public health laboratories rolled out sample transport networks in order to increase access to quality laboratory services in the country. The model which was innovated in Uganda was awarded best practice because it has transformed the paradigm of laboratory services.

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