Uganda: Scientists Make Herbal Anti-Malarial Drug
Ugandan scientists have developed a drug from natural herbs that can cure malaria in about three days. According to a study released by the scientists, the drug, DEI Anti-malaria, can kill malaria-causing parasites within the human body using its natural compounds extracted from plants.

The lead-investigator, Dr Patrick Ogwang, a pharmacist and lecturer at Mbarara University of Science and Technology, said laboratory tests have proved that the drug is safe and efficacious.”Parasites were got from malaria patients in Mulago Hospital and subjected to the drug in the laboratory. They were all killed by the compounds of the drug,” Dr Ogwang said. “It was also tested on mice and killed all the parasites without being toxic to body organs like the liver, kidney and bone marrow,” he added. Dr Ogwang said that despite modern medicines contributing greatly to the containment of malaria, they are greatly limited by high cost and vulnerability to parasites resistance thus the need for an African solution.

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