Uganda Tipped On ICT for HIV Awareness

HIV/AIDS activists in Uganda have suggest the government and NGOs integrate the use of modern information and communication technology platforms in sensitizing the public, particularly young people about HIV/AIDS.

Activists say that the current means of medium such as newspaper, Radio informants about HIV/AIDS at the moment are not helping 100% to communicate preventive measures against HIV/AIDS because the largest population and also the most vulnerable people the youth are no longer utilizing such mediums.

“If we are to achieve the objectives of fighting HIV/AIDS among the younger generation then Government and Civil society organisations should incorporate the utilization of new mediums such as social media platforms like face Book Twitter and Whatsapp this will help in disseminating more information to the youth since they have embraced the platforms” explained Tezra Lutaya the core founder of Philly Lutaya care s an Organisation which promotes collective participation in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Briefing Journalist in Kampala during the Launch of 2015 International AIDS Candle Light Lutaya observed that the younger generation especially students in higher institution of learning like Universities are having misguiding information about HIV/AIDS especially when it comes to the available Drugs ( Antiretroviral Drugs) which they assume when taken by an infected person can cure of HIV/AIDS .According to her this has forced many younger Girls to have multiple partners and this abet the spread of the Virus among the teenagers .

Tezra daughter of late Musician Philly Bongole Lutaya who self-claimed that he had HIV/AIDS. Disclosed that the younger generation in the country considers HIV /AIDS to be normal disease and now there worries have changed to None Communicable diseases like Cancer, Diabetes. But such perception by the youth may set back Uganda in the efforts towards fighting HIV/AIDS.

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